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Science Of Spying
Commissioned by the Science Museum for the Science of Spying Exhibition, 2007

  • Field Operative Elf scoping property

  • Traditional image of Santa – believable?

  • Field Operative Elf inspiration image

  • Field Operative Elf inspiration image

  • Field Operative Elf with compulsory white beard.


Proposal 1. Re-branding Father christmas for the 21st Century.
The main audience for the science museum is 8-12 year old children...exactly the age they start to question the reality of Father Christmas. We felt that children are more savvy these days and the idea of this fat old man travelling all over the world in one night and going up and down all the chimneys is certainly easy to question.

We set ourselves the brief of trying to raise the age where children start to question the concept of Santa Claus to 14 years old. To fit into the spying theme, we imagined his activities during the evening of the 25th December to be straight out of Mission Impossible: getting in and out of properties quickly and without being seen, leaving behind evidence (presents), etc. With the help of modern stealth technology his job would be much easier and therefore more believable.

SO... Now FC remains at Alpha base (in Lapland), mode of operations and controls his worldwide team of Field Operative Elves (See rooftop image), uploading building schematics and suggesting the best entry points. The FOEs can also download live satellite feed of the heat footprints of the people in the house (as seen on 24) 2 large footprints = parents room, small footprints = childs room.

The Elves are dressed in stealth gear with head mounted display and a special rucksack offering quick access and making climbing and entry much easier than FC's usual sack.

  • CCTV image from doll

  • CCTV dolls


Proposal 2:
Childrens cctv toys portrays a near future scenario where children hack into their toys with wireless cameras, mics and video senders. These toys can then be surreptitiously placed around the house with the aim of either de-bunking the scary places or checking up on their parents.